We received the following question regarding “Scripts:”

“Don't we become habitualized by all the scripts as we go about living day to day? There are many decisions we make in our own self interest that we have predetermined to be good for our well being, so we kind of commit to a path, which is a set of habits. If we are doing 80% of it unconsciously, it is going to take a lot more effort to get out of those habits, and to give up the sense of security they offer us, isn't it?”

And this is how we answered it:

“Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, and for being very discerning with the program. Your question is a great one, and very deep and nuanced. Let us try to get to the essence of it.

First, do we become habituated to our everyday ‘experiences?’ Absolutely. All constant stimulation of consciousness becomes unconscious. We simply don’t have the bandwidth to be fully present and aware, every minute of every day.

However, there is a critical distinction between becoming habituated to stimuli, and becoming lost in one’s ‘script.’ You hinted at it when you wrote, ‘decisions made in our own self-interest.’ Our script is our perception of the world, which is 100% shaped by our past experiences and present desires. If we live in a ‘script,’ the ‘path’ we travel is necessarily a myopic view of the world. And we are the ones who have cleared and shaped that narrow, comfortable path through our conditioned ignorance (habituation) of anything irrelevant, uncertain or messy.

So indeed, it will take more effort to get off of that path and out of those habits. But not ‘effort’ in the classical sense of ‘exertion or hard work.’ There is no real underbrush that needs to be cleared. The effort lies in the ability to let go.

You hit the nail on the proverbial head when you mentioned that habits are a ‘sense of security.’ Indeed, they are simply that... a ‘sense,’ a perception or feeling. The path is not inevitable, since the future is unpredictable. And so, it is one’s ability to have a new ‘sense.’ One that can let go of certainty and security, and is fully aware of one’s full environment. That ‘letting go’ is the key to the serendipitous discovery of a more fruitful path. You have to step out of your movie and observe it without prejudice, desire, or explanation. Clear the mental brush and see what appears.

So keep watching, thinking, writing down your thoughts and asking questions. It will become clear to you very soon. The bottom line is that you are sticking with it and tolerating the tension, which is highly commendable.”