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Title: Living as a Poet
Author: Gary Jesch

Somewhere, a father said to his teen-aged son,
"You'll never know what I never knew,
And when your day is finally done,
It's all about being true to you."
And so here I am, after years of toil,
Still measuring success by my father's scale
And as the grindstones turn and the pots boil,
I discovered my life has a different tale.
"Starving artist" was just my dark illusion.
The truth is that I'm really flawless.
I must have jumped to the wrong conclusion,
Wishing to prove the universe lawless.
There's really no "You" or "Me" or "I" that's real,
Just reflections in the eyes of those who teach us.
So choose and hold lightly that which you feel,
The light of all the stars will eventually reach us.