It will make you think but more importantly, if you let it, this little book will stir your soul in ways that ignite you to jump into YOUR life as it is meant to be lived: passionately and vibrantly.
— Suzanne Daigle
The metaphor works. Keats lived a short and passionate life. His poetry was about desire and the suffering and mysteries of the human heart. Coleridge was about structure and narrative informed by his great intellect and vast knowledge of literature. In ‘I am Keats’ Asacker urges us to be ‘a little less Coleridge and a bit more Keats’. A bit more present - here in the now - and a bit less stuck in our anxiety about maintaining control of our future.
— Vicky Ferrier
If happiness is success then Tom advises you to ‘drop your self-important identity, give up the chase for certainty and comfort, and let go of the need to figure everything out.’ It starts with ‘I am Keats.’
— Mark Ramsey
Feel a little stuck in your life? A little more Keats may be what you’re looking for, and Tom Asacker’s wondrous book will show you the way. A scintillating joy to read!
— Achim Nowak
This is some of the most original thinking I’ve come across in a long time. It’s a strange and powerful blend of cognitive psychology, Eastern Philosophy, creativity, and spirituality. If you feel somewhat stuck in your story and you want to become more conscious and break free, then ‘I am Keats’ is your guidebook.
— Peter Ryan
This book takes you on a fun and inspiring journey. Definitely helped me think about my life and my possibilities differently. Highly recommended.
— Scott Mabry