The human condition

We've become just that: conditioned human beings deluding ourselves that we are stewards, defenders and pursuers of freedom. But whose idea of freedom are we subscribing to?

Freedom in its truest form is vast, unbounded... and terrifying.

We have lulled ourselves into the comforting belief that we are truly free. But are we, really? Or are we merely partaking in a chaperoned safari, and claiming we're on a wilderness venture? Suspending disbelief and convincing ourselves that we are free spirits and mavericks.

True freedom is a limitless bounty that, though overwhelming, offers true choice. Our constructed reality offers the illusion of choice. 

Desire compels us to pursue what's in our guts, but fear reminds us that the outcome could be perilous. As a conciliation, we embark on a manufactured adventure and reap the paltry emotional rewards, while simultaneously ensuring a safe outcome.

And we call this choice our "reality." 

So what's the problem with participating in a fabricated and guided venture, especially if our desires are fulfilled and our safety is maintained?  


We are struggling with the paradoxical tension of our desire for freedom and our longing for happiness. Authentic happiness IS pursuing our desires... with unfettered freedom. Freedom from expectation of outcomes and expectations of others.

Freedom has no boundaries or restrictions. Freedom isn't a collection of cut-and-dried options that give the chooser an illusion of choice. 

Freedom is pursuing what our heart is telling us, even if it doesn't square with society's safe, acceptable alternatives.  

Are you resisting your conditioning and choosing to create yourself, forging your own unique path?

Or are you dodging responsibility for your choices with a pseudo-concept of freedom, and following the herd?

It is far better for a man to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains.
— Thomas Henry Huxley